Update March 5th 2019

Major changes:

  • Upgrade details added. By clicking the name of an upgrade in the upgrade-list or pilot-details you can now get detailed analysis of the performance of this upgrade.
    • Updated “Introduction to Pink Brain Matter” post to reflect this.

Minor changes:

  • Minor textual fixes on the pilot-detail page.
  • Performance improvements for loading upgrade-data.

Current Backlog:

(In approximate priority)

  1. More work on the 4 & 5 ships archetype-definitions
  2. Performance-review to see whether the increased traffic requires any changes to keep the site responsive.
  3. More work on the bid analysis – including:
    1. A percentile-displayed graph on “Bid Analysis”: Ideally I want to be able to show something like “if I bring an i5 and a 13 point bid, in how many percent of my matchups can I expect to move last?”
    2. Detailed bid-analysis on the pilot page
  4. More work on the upgrade detail, including performance comparison “by slot baseline” (the same way that the pilot detail page compares “by faction baseline”
  5. UI-improvements (Color scheme selector, general prettification)
  6. Archetype detailed view
  7. List-view
  8. Ship-pages (Chassis stats)

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