State of the Meta – Hyperspace Wave 6

So.. This is a bit of a strange one. Wave 6 has been plagued by.. well… plague… I’ve considered if we even have enough data to write anything – but since I’ve been doing this since Wave 2 – and we do have SOME data, it would be a shame to break the pattern now.

I expect this to be shorter than usual though – and since Hyperspace and Extended have been separated much harder since the last points update; I will be writing one post for each of the two formats, this being the Hyperspace focused one. Some parts of the “general” section will contain data for both formats to offer a comparison. The analysis will be Hyperspace only though. For analysis of the Extended meta, please see the Extended-specific article. There is also an audio summary here

In the following, I will in general only look at data from larger tournaments (30+ player Hyperspace – follow the link to see the list of tournaments used)
This is two System Opens and 17 other events in the 30-68 player range. In total, the analysis is based on just under a thousand lists. This does mean, unfortunately, that for some factions we quickly get into “small sample size” territory. I will mention it specifically when that is the case.

As this is an analysis piece, I will try my best to stick as close as possible to the data and avoid any personal opinion. Whenever I feel that I must inject an opinion not totally founded in data I will make sure to make an #opinion-warning.

Note: When listing percentages they refer to either faction representation (how many % of lists in that faction is this and this archetype or has that specific pilot) or average performance as percentile (100% meaning it placed first at all events it participated in, 50% being average). For the users of note that this is the inverse of the “Avg. Swiss rank” stat. In all things higher is better
In some situation you might see reference to “pp” (Percentage Points). This is a relative measure to signify a change from the baseline of a certain amount of percentage points. For instance: O-66 has an average performance of 62.5% – but with DRK-1 Probe Droids, this performs increases to 71.3%. This is an increase of +8.8pp.



Average bids across waves (Larger tournaments only)

The bid in Hyperspace has dropped this season, from 3.2 to 2.8 average.
#opinionwarning: The increased viability of generic “spam” (5X etc.) seems this obvious enabler here.

Related to this is a significant drop of i6 pilots in Hyperspace. Only 25% of Hyperspace squads have an i6 pilot. i5’s are prevalent though – and 68% of all lists have either an i5 or an i6. This does mean that bids (though small) at i4 are meaningful.
Returning to i5, we see that bids up to around 5 points are meaningful. Bringing a 5 point bid and a maximum of i5 will allow you to move your i5 last in about 2/3 of games. Bids beyond 7 points at i5 are, according to the data, almost pointless.
At i6 a 5 point bid makes your i6 move last 90% of the time, 11 points raise that to 95% and you need 19 points to reach 99%. Compared to the previous wave, all these marks are slightly cheaper to reach.

The numbers factor in the likely matchups – if they are “i6” numbers they assume you have an i6-pilot in the list. So in a lot of cases (75%) you will move last no matter your bid – simply because you have an i6-pilot, while your opponent doesn’t. It also includes the fact that if you both bring lists with the same bid, there is a 50% chance you will move last.

List size

Average list size across waves (Larger Hyperspace tournaments only)

While Extended lists remain stable in size at 3.9 ships, Hyperspace lists increases in size from 3.8 in Wave 5 to 4.2 in Wave 6. Digging a bit deeper, the details on the split of list sizes can be seen below. The number in parenthesis is the Wave 5 number.

29.8% (9.5%)10.4% (8.0%)
319.6% (39.5%)36.2% (38.2%)
436.9% (31.4%)27.1% (30.1%)
520.6% (8.6%)14.3% (13.0%)
64.0% (4.8%)5.1% (4.5%)
74.0% (4.5%)3.5% (3.2%)
85.0% (1.6%)3.5% (3.0%)
Wave 6 list size split by format. (Parenthesis is Wave 5 number)

A notable observation from the last wave (Wave 5) was that the format had very little effect on the distribution of squad sizes.
In Wave 6, however, this seems to have changed. While 3-ship lists are still the most common in Extended, Hyperspace is now much more a 4 or 5 ship format. In fact, 57% of all lists are 4 or 5 ships. (40% in Wave 5)
8 ship lists have tripled in popularity, though they are still only 5% of the total meta.

Faction Representation

Note that this data is for “All” – not just for the larger tournaments.

Faction Representation, Hyperspace (all)

For Wave 6 we are looking at the last 4 data points (February through June, there are NO data for May as there were no Hyperspace tournaments recorded there). Parts of the January data point are also affected by the points change – so I will disregard it.
As we can see, Scum is unparalleled the most played faction throughout the wave, with Rebels and First Order waxing and waning throughout.
Empire is on a downward slope throughout, while Resistance slowly grows in popularity throughout the wave. Republic falls hard after the points change, but recovers, only to fall again and recover again. CIS likewise drops and it seems like the two prequel factions are alternating between 2nd and 3rd least played.

It is worth noting that the majority of the Hyperspace games was in the early part of the wave, as Extended rose in popularity in the last few months.


As with Representation, this data is for all tournaments. Note that the chart is zoomed, rather than showing 0-100, it shows 30-70.

Faction Performance, Hyperspace (all)

We see here that the CIS is on top initially, has a mysterious drop in April, followed by a rise to second place in June. Republic starts low, and gradually increases, and takes a – at least for me – surprising first place in June. Scum starts strong, and slowly wanes, but just holds on to #3. Resistance also recovers some ground in May, ending in #4 place, while First Order – who were in contention for the #1 spot in April falls all the way to #6 at the end. Rebels recover a bit, and finishes at #5 – while the Empire’s performance follows it’s popularity and it drops to a very clear last place.

Let’s now dig into the factions – from Best to Worst. As there are such fluctuations, and such relatively little data, I will order them based on their average performance:

  1. Separatist Alliance: 64.9%
  2. Scum and Villainy: 61.2%
  3. Resistance: 54.1%
  4. First Order: 52.9%
  5. Galactic Empire: 51.2%
  6. Galactic Republic: 49.2%
  7. Rebel Alliance: 47.9%

Note that the list above is based on average performance in the “larger” tournaments – i.e. 30+ player events. Therefore you may find that this does not completely match up with the chart above.

Separatists remain on top

For the second consecutive wave, the CIS forces are on top. Despite cost increases on Belbullab’s and their exclusion from Hyperspace, the Rogers recovered well and found new paths to glory.

Their popularity may have suffered – possibly through the difficulty of playing swarms in a virtual environment (#completespeculation) – but their performance is still in the mid-sixties, which is fantastic.

2 Hyena/6 vultures: By far the most common CIS archetype, responsible for the largest chunk of CIS lists out there contains two Hyena’s with Plasma Torps along with 6 vultures, 3 of them with Discord missiles – and Struts to taste. This archetype has an average performance of 74.6% (Based on 13 lists).

DBS32C + 7 vultures: A slightly less successful (69.8%) variant of the droid swarm has DBS32C with a Tactical Relay. (Mostly Ta-175, but on occasion Kraken) + Discord on 3 Vultures + Struts. This list also has 13 entries – though they were all in February & March. This seems to be an attempt at recreating the Belbullab+7 archetype within the new Hyperspace restrictions – but it seems to have waned for the 2 Hyena/6 vultures list above.

O-66 + 7 vultures: Another variant saw the O-66 (Sith Infiltrator) + 7 Drones – typically without Discords, but with TA-175 and DRK-1 Probe droids to boost the offensive output. 65.6% Performance

Notable Pilots & Upgrades:

  • Trade Federation Drone – 71.7%: The workhorse of the CIS – the humble drone is part of almost any CIS list (in almost 84% of CIS lists). Frequently equipped with Discord Missiles and Struts. The former improving the average performance, the latter slightly decreasing it.
  • Techno Union Bomber – 66%: No surprises here – the Techno Union bomber has dropped slightly in efficiency since the last wave (from 70.1%), but that is likely due to increased popularity. Most commonly equipped with Plasma Torpedoes (+5pp), though also seeing success with DRK-1 Probe Droids or Proton Torpedoes.
  • DBS-32C – 65.3%: Used almost exclusively to carry a Tactical Relay – with about 2/3 of that being TA-175 (+1.7pp) and 1/3 being Kraken (+4.4pp)
  • O-66 – 62.5%: Typically fielded with either 6 or 7 Vultures (7 being the better option) (+3.1pp) – and equipped with a Tactical Relay (again Kraken slightly better performing on average). DRK-1 Probe Droids is on about 1/3 – but with significant effect (+8.8pp)
  • Count Dooku – 65.7%: While Dooku has seen less play, he has performed well when he has been on the table. Along with 6 vultures, he has achieved 77.3% – but with only 7 lists in the period of this type, I decided not to include it in the list of lists above. The classic configuration is General Grievous (Crew), Heightened Perception, K2-B4, Scimitar and Tractor Beam – and the 3 recorded instances of this in the current wave has done EXTREMELY well. This goes back to XY’s run at Australian SoS in 2019 and seems to still very much be a viable list.
  • Struts – 66.2%: I will cover Grappling Struts and Landing Struts under one. In general, they seem to have little significant impact, unless the ship that carries them also has some sort of missile or torpedo. Combined with both Discord Missiles and Plasma Torpedoes – they seem to make significant differences. (+5-7 pp)
  • DRK-1 Probe Droids – 62.5%: While the average of squads with DRK-1 Probe Droids perform below the faction average, the presence of Probe Droids specifically on the Techno Union Bomber boosts these lists above – with a +16.5pp
  • Discord Missiles – 69.8%: A key upgrade for CIS lists. Despite 93.1% of all lists with Vultures in them having at least one Discord, the presence of one raises the performance of these lists by 2pp compared to average (which is already high). List WITH Discord missiles averages 68.3%, while lists without (but still with Drones) averages just 63.8%.
  • Kraken – 67.4% & TA-175 – 64.8%: Despite TA-175 being the more popular choice for Tactical Relay, it could seem that Kraken is, on average, more effective. This is well within the margin of error though given the sample size.

Scum takes #2

Rising from a #4 position at the end of the last wave, Scum has been everywhere this wave. Almost a quarter (24.7%) of lists played since the points change in January have been Scum lists – a lot of that having a Boba Fett in there. For this reason, a lot of the Scum coverage is done on the pilot level rather than on the list level.

Boba + Fenn: Almost 20% of the Scum lists have been Boba + Fenn. Average performance is 62.7% – running with an average bid of 15.3 points.

Boba + Koshka: A number of Double Firespray lists have been attempted, but Boba+Koshka is the more successful with 70.3% average performance. The bid is much lower here at an average of 2.5.

Boba + 2 Fangs: At 61.3% performance, about 1/8 of Scum squads have followed this recipe. Most commonly seen are 2 Skull Squadron pilots, though a few Fenn + Zealous have also made it in.

Quad Fangs: Both Fenn + 3 Zealous and 4 Skull Squadrons make it in here – the former being less popular (1/3) – but slightly more effective (about +2pp). The archetype as a whole scores 56.0%

Notable Pilots & Upgrades:

  • Boba Fett – 62.8%: Boba is in 58.5% of Scum lists. His most common upgrades are Slave 1 (+0.8pp), Maul (+1.4pp), Contraband Cybernetics (+1.6pp) and Fearless (-0.4pp). Also common are the Hull Upgrade (+2.5pp) & Proton Bombs (+2.7pp)
  • Fenn Rau – 61.1%: Fenn has also been very popular – just over 4 in 10 Scum lists field him – most commonly alongside Boba. Fearless is the most common upgrade and boosts him slightly (+1.1pp), while Outmaneuver reduces his average slightly (-2.7pp)
  • Skull Squadron Pilot – 58.8%: Most commonly seen in the “Fang Gang” configuration (4 Skulls) – the Skull has also seen some play alongside Boba, Fenn, or Serissu. Fearless is nearly always equipped. The Skull Squadron Pilot is in almost 1 in 4 Scum lists.
  • Cartel Spacer – 64.4%: While only in 13.8% of the Scum lists in the data for Hyperspace in this wave, the Cartel spacer grew in popularity as the Wave turned towards extended. But their early promise is clear. About 85% of the Cartel Spacers have a cannon equipped – and this seems to be key. Squads with Cartel Spacers without cannons perform much worse (-19.8pp). The most popular cannon is Autoblasters (+4.3pp), followed by Ion Cannon (+5.4pp) and Tractor Beam (+1.4pp).
  • Nom Lumb – 61.1%: A new entry in the Scum arsenal, Nom Lumb, has performed well. Dengar (Gunner) is a popular choice, as is Autoblasters. Combined, those two raise the performance to 93.5%, though we are now into “small sample size” territory (2 lists).

Resistance is best-of-the-rest

While significantly behind both CIS and Scum in average performance, Resistance. There is, however, quite a lot of list variation in Resistance Hyperspace, so the list shown here are more examples of what is “common” than what has propelled Resistance to 3rd place. To compensate I will focus more on individual pilots. Overall, the Resistance seems to have a lot of strong pieces – more than any other faction, but few lists that have settled and gone to the top.

5A – 55,5%: An evergreen archetype, now extended with Zizi – but missing the crack shots of previous iterations. There are several versions, but Zizi and Greer seems to be the most used pilots, followed by Tallie and then Zari / Ronith filling up the rear – and with Blue Squadron Recruits as points allow.

Quad T70 – 54.7%: A number of variations exists here – 4 Red Sqd. Experts being the most common, with a solid 66.3% performance (bordering on small sample size though)

Notable Pilots & Upgrades:

  • Zizi Tlo – 54.5%: The newest addition to the Resistance, Zizi is by far the most popular pilot of the faction – being in about 40% of lists. Most commonly equipped with Advanced Optics and Heroic, Zizi is also shown to be capable with a Concussion Missile. Zizi is usually the go-to in lists with only a single A-wing, and has performed well in 3-ship lists.
  • Greer Sonnel – 53.6%: Almost as popular as Zizi, Greer is in 37% of Resistance lists. As with all the RZ-2’s, the popular loadout is Optics+Heroic
  • Tallisan Lintra – 49.8%: Tallie is also popular (30%). Same loadout as the other RZ-2’s
  • Ronith Blario – 62.6%: A lot less popular (15% of lists) – Ronnith is the other “new guy”. His average performance is a lot higher than the others though, which is likely due to his lower popularity.
  • Jessika Pava – 59.1%: Jess does really well – and paired with the right partners she can really excel. Notable is the Jess+Cova+Kazuda+Bastian list that averages 84.0% performance, though, with only 4 entries, it suffers from Small Sample Size syndrome.
    Jessika is most effective without upgrades or with an R4 Astromech. Flying alongside other jousters is unsurprisingly successful, whether that is Cova, other T-70’s or Rose Tico.
  • Red Squadron Expert – 53.7%: Present in over a quarter of Resistance lists, the Red Sqd is a workhorse. Heroic is a frequent upgrade, but the real MVP upgrade for these seems to be Hull Upgrade (+13.8pp). Optics seems a waste (-4.4pp), while R4 Astro’s are also helpful (+6.4pp)
  • Black Squadron Ace – 62.8%: Just over 10% of Resistance squads go for the i4 T-70. Heroic and occasional R4 Astro’s boosts the performance, while Hull Upgrade on these does not prove valuable. (Very small sample size here though). They can fly in either a group of 4 – or 3 Black Sqd along with Cova Nell. The latter have had some very strong showings (94% avg. performance, but only 6 entries – so Small Sample Size)
  • Kazuda Xiono – 56.6%: Kaz seems to be the favorite pilot in the Fireball. About 15% of Resistance lists include him. R5 Astro seems very helpful (+5.3pp, despite being on 2/3 of Kaz’s) – Heroic less helpful (-3.8pp, despite being on 2/3 of Kaz’s). The title is not that popular (40%) and not that effective either (-11pp). Outmaneuver shows promise (+17.4pp), though the sample size is small (4 entries).
  • Cova Nell – 53.6%: Cova has similar popularity as Kaz, and like him, she is clearly the most popular pilot in her chassis. Surprisingly, R4 Astromech does not seem like a great upgrade for her (-19.7pp), but both Heroic (+4pp) and Leia (+3.7pp) works well. The most popular loadout (Heroic + Leia) has a combined +15.7pp. See notes under Jessika Pava and Black Squadron Ace for successful Cova squads. (Though with small sample size disclaimers)
    This does seem to indicate that Cova can truly bring value if paired with the right wingmates.
  • Rose Tico – 56.2%: Not much to say here. Rose is not played that much (9% of lists) – but performs solidly with either Cova or various T70’s. Pairing her with A-wings leads to bad outcomes though. The data clearly shows that Rose should be flown without upgrades.
  • Heroic – 53.6%: Heroic is VERY common in the Resistance. Generally, it increases performance by about 1pp.

First Order in the middle of the list

First Order has risen in popularity, and with 17.1% representation it is the second most popular faction in Wave 6 Hyperspace. As with Resistance, First Order has few settled lists – but strong individual pieces.

Kylo + 3 Zeta Sqd Survivors – 59.6%: Simple and efficient – typically features a naked Kylo along with 3 Zeta’s with Passive Sensors and Concussion Missiles.

Kylo / Vonreg / Holo – 56.8%: A classic Trip-aces setup. There are some variance in upgrades, Kylo typically either naked or with Optics, Vonreg either naked or with Daredevil and Holo either naked, Daredevil, or Proud Tradition.

Notable Pilots & Upgrades:

  • Kylo Ren – 57.2%: Kylo defines his faction – almost half the First Order lists include him. Optics are common but slightly detrimental (-0.9pp). He is actually strongest naked (+2.9pp). As an interesting note, Kylo seems to perform better the more wingmates he has, though the effect is small. Kylo runs with an average bid of 4.2 points – though with a lot of variance.
  • Zeta Squadron Survivor – 56.8%: About a third of FO lists have a Zeta in them. They perform best without upgrades, though both Concussion Missiles and Passive Sensors are common.
  • Major Vonreg – 48.0%: By many considered to become “The First Order Soontir” – Vonreg has, objectively, disappointed during Wave 6. He seems to frequently be equipped with all kinds of upgrades (Daredevil, Deuterium Powercells, Mag-Pulse, Optics, Outmaneuver) – but they almost all seem to detract from his performance. In a few instances, Hull Upgrade has proven good (+12.8pp, 4 lists) – but naked seems best (+24pp, 5 lists). Average bid is 4.9.
  • Epsilon Squadron Cadet – 58.0%: The basic TIE/fo has performed well. As with most cheap generics, no upgrades is the way to go.
  • Scorch – 52.1%: In just over 1/6 of FO lists, Scorch is frequently equipped with Fanatical (-5.3pp), but performs better naked (+10.7pp)
  • Holo – 51.5%: With similar popularity to Scorch (1/6), Holo is the better performing Baron Interceptor. Unlike Vonreg, Holo performs better with a few upgrades, either Proud Tradition (+3.8pp) or Daredevil (+9pp). Like Vonreg, a Hull upgrade is valuable (+22pp). Holo is most commonly seen in trip aces lists, but his performance is better when paired with generic SF’s or FO’s.
  • Blackout – 57.1%: Slightly less popular (1/7), Blackout still sees a lot of play. Best without upgrades (+8.5pp) or with the combination of Optics and Outmaneuver (+7.7pp). Frequently seen with Fanatical, though this does not seem to bring results.

Empire in 5th

At just 10% representation, Empire has never been less popular – even in Hyperspace. There are NO imperial hyperspace lists that are not “low sample size”. The most common list in Empire is Vader/Duchess/RAC – and even that has only been played 5 times. Those five does average to 72.2% performance – but checking the full dataset for Hyperspace lowered this estimate significantly. As a result, I will only look at the Imperial Pilots.

Notable Pilots & Upgrades:

  • Darth Vader – 53.1%: Just over half of Imperial lists fields Darth Vader. The most common upgrade layout is either just Fire Control System (+4.3pp) or Passive Sensors (+4.2pp).
  • Duchess – 53.9%: Duchess is in more than a third of the lists. Fifth Brother is the most common upgrade (-6.1pp), while Outmaneuver is the most effective (+12.6pp).
  • Rear Admiral Chiraneau – 57.0%: About a quarter of the lists have RAC in them. There is a lot of upgrades to choose from, the effective choice seems to be Hull Upgrade (+9.2pp), Proton Bombs (+6.8pp), Seventh Sister (+11.1pp) and Grand Inquisitor (+6.3pp) – though many others have been tried, and in some cases, successfully. Noteworthy is that Fifth Brother (Gunner) seems ineffective (-7.6pp)
  • Ruthless – 60.4%: The faction-specific upgrade for Empire is beginning to see some use. Despite small sample size issues, honorable mention goes to 5 Black Squadron Scouts with Ruthless – showing a strong performance 🙂

Republic falls from grace

After a strong wave 5 where Republic finished in the #2 slot, the faction is now #2 from the other end. Like Empire, they don’t really have any settled list in the Hyperspace format. They have about 10% representation, most of that being taken up by some sorts of 4-ship lists – but these are all over the place. So I will just use this space to salute Kristofer Bengtsson for his impressive Top 4 at the UK System Open with Obi/Plo/Ahsoka/Ric. You can see his run here.

Notable Pilots & Upgrades:

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – 51.0%: Obi-Wan is in 2/3 of Republic squads – and mixes well in both acy and beefy lists. Best upgrade for him is R5 Astro (+11.3pp).
  • Ric Olié – 48.0%: Ric is in just under half of Republic squads. Daredevil is a popular and effective upgrade (+7.9pp), while both R4 (+4.9pp) and R2 (+6.1pp) Astro’s also work.
  • Plo Koon – 45.6%: In just over a third of the Republic lists. Like Obi, the best upgrade (apart from the CLT) is R5 Astro (+6.7pp).
  • Broadside – 51.3%: In about 30% of lists, Broadside is always seen with an Ion Cannon Turret and frequently with Proton Bombs (+7pp).
  • Others: Squad Seven Veteran (42.3%), Ahsoka (46.0%), and Wolffe (42.6%) are also played (between 20% and 30% of Republic lists) – but are ineffective currently.

Rebels prove that third time is not the charm

For the third time in a row, Rebels finish last. (Though the last two was combined Extended/Hyperspace). Unlike Empire and Republic, Rebels have a few settled “lists” to go over. Also noteworthy is that Rebels are still the 3rd most played faction – and right on the tail of First Order.

Rebel “Beef” – 48.9%: Not as much a list as an archetype. I have to group these to get to statistical significance. These are 4 ship rebel list as we know them. Braylen is always there, Ten is almost always there. Jake, Luke and Dutch are also common. About a third of rebel lists fall into this category.

5X – 51.6%: A very direct result of the last points change, 5X is about 1/8 of rebels lists.

Notable Pilots & Upgrades:

  • Luke Skywalker – 51.5%: Luke is in more than 40% of Rebel lists – and is one of only two Rebel pilots to cross 50% in average performance. Luke is most frequently equipped with R2-D2 (-6.5pp) or Proton Torpedoes (-6.1pp), but is more effective with Hull Upgrade (+10.4pp), R4 Astro (+6.6pp) or R5 Astro (+25.8pp).
  • Ten Numb – 48.7%: Next in popularity is Ten, almost always with Foils (+2pp) and frequently with Fire-Control System (+1.1pp). Hull Upgrade seems a good buy (+8.5pp)
  • Braylen Stramm – 49.6%: Right on Ten’s heels in the popularity contest is Braylen. Foils seem ineffective (-2.7pp), and he is probably better naked (+3.6pp)
  • Lando Calrissian – 48.3%: About a quarter of Rebel lists are built around Lando. Most popular with Luke and Thane as his wingmen (66.8% performance – but small sample size). The data seems to indicate that a “light” Lando with just Nien Numb (Crew) is the most effective (+10.4pp).
  • Blue Squadron Escort – 49.2%
  • Jake Farell – 43.6%: Best without upgrades (+3.7pp), attempts with Outmaneuver or Concussion Missiles do not seem to yield results.
  • Red Squadron Veteran – 53.3%: Best performing rebel pilot – Selfless on these seems to work well.


As many people seem to like ranked lists of what is best – I have summarized all the mentioned data below. Not that this is AVERAGE performance. A good list can have a bad average performance if it has a higher skill cap.

Mentioned lists, sorted by best first, Hyperspace:

  1. 2 Hyena/6 vultures (CIS) – 74.9%
  2. Boba + Koshka (Scum) – 70.3%
  3. DBS32C + 7 vultures (CIS) – 69.8%
  4. O-66 + 7 vultures (CIS) – 65.8%
  5. Boba + Fenn (Scum) – 62.7%
  6. Boba + 2 Fangs (Scum) – 61.3%
  7. Kylo + 3 Zeta Sqd Survivors (First Order) – 59.6%
  8. Kylo / Vonreg / Holo (First Order) – 56.8%
  9. Quad Fangs (Scum) – 56.0%
  10. 5A (Resistance) – 55,5%
  11. Quad T70 (Resistance) – 54.7%
  12. 5X (Rebel) – 51.6%
  13. Rebel “Beef” (Rebel) – 48.9%

Mentioned Pilots, sorted by best first, Hyperspace: (* = Small Sample Size)

  1. Trade Federation Drone (CIS) – 71.7%
  2. Techno Union Bomber (CIS) – 66%
  3. Count Dooku* (CIS) – 65.7%
  4. DBS-32C (CIS) – 65.3%
  5. Cartel Spacer (Scum) – 64.4%
  6. Boba Fett (Scum) – 62.8%
  7. Black Squadron Ace (Resistance) – 62.8%
  8. Ronith Blario (Resistance) – 62.6%
  9. O-66 (CIS) – 62.5%
  10. Fenn Rau (Scum) – 61.1%
  11. Nom Lumb (Scum) – 61.1%
  12. Jessika Pava (Resistance) – 59.1%
  13. Skull Squadron Pilot (Scum) – 58.8%
  14. Epsilon Squadron Cadet (First Order) – 58.0%
  15. Kylo Ren (First Order) – 57.2%
  16. Blackout (First Order) – 57.1%
  17. Rear Admiral Chiraneau (Empire) – 57.0%
  18. Zeta Squadron Survivor (First Order) – 56.8%
  19. Kazuda Xiono (Resistance) – 56.6%
  20. Rose Tico (Resistance) – 56.2%
  21. Zizi Tlo (Resistance) – 54.5%
  22. Duchess (Empire) – 53.9%
  23. Red Squadron Expert (Resistance) – 53.7%
  24. Greer Sonnel (Resistance) – 53.6%
  25. Cova Nell (Resistance) – 53.6%
  26. Red Squadron Veteran (Rebel) – 53.3%
  27. Darth Vader (Empire) – 53.1%
  28. Scorch (First Order) – 52.1%
  29. Holo (First Order) – 51.5%
  30. Luke Skywalker (Rebel) – 51.5%
  31. Broadside (Republic) – 51.3%
  32. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Republic) – 51.0%
  33. Tallisan Lintra (Resistance) – 49.8%
  34. Braylen Stramm (Rebel) – 49.6%
  35. Blue Squadron Escort (Rebel) – 49.2%
  36. Ten Numb (Rebel) – 48.7%
  37. Lando Calrissian (Rebel) – 48.3%
  38. Major Vonreg (First Order) – 48.0%
  39. Ric Olié (Republic) – 48.0%
  40. Plo Koon (Republic) – 45.6%
  41. Jake Farell (Rebel) – 43.6%

Final Words

I hope you have found all this useful. If you have (civil) comments, questions or suggestions please put them below. I am particular interested in hearing whether you liked the format-specific focus – giving Hyperspace special attention.
If you want to see pilot stats for the pilots you can find them here.

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