Bids page improvement

A new table has been added to the bottom of the Bids page. You can now see your exact changes of specific pilots in your list moving after every enemy ship.


You’ve decided to fly Fenn / Guri and is wondering how much bid you need. You are interested in this in context of the Wave 3 Hyperspace meta. (Not enough data in Wave 4 to make meaningful decisions at the time of writing)
Looking at this page you find the following table:

Starting with Guri you scan down the i5 column. At around 195 points (40,02%) the increase in chance to move last starts to drop off significantly for each additional point of bid you bring. At 190 points (42,01%) it seems almost pointless to bring more.

However, you also brought Fenn – so there might be some value in investing even more for him. At 195 points you will move last with Fenn 84,31% of the time – which is about 5 times in 6 games. At 190 points the chance has increased to 93,96%. (About 15 times in 16 games)
If you want to reach 99% chance to move last with Fenn you need to go to 183.

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