Update March 21st – Wave 3

PBM has been updated to support the launch of Wave 3. Everything should mostly be in place – a few pictures are suboptimal since the card browser in the FFG app is not yet updated. And offcourse – there are no tournaments to test import from 🙂

One of the learnings from writing my State-of-the-meta post the other day was that Extended-specific analysis was har to do – since Hyperspace tournaments are so numerous now. So starting from Wave 3 I’ve added a new dataset that only contains non-Hyperspace tournaments.

Current Backlog

  • Archetype detailed view, including likelyness for a list to win at different stages of the tournament. (WWWLLL is different from WLLLWW – thanks Eli Stevens for the idea)
  • Show of archetype matchups data.
  • More work on the 4 & 5 ships archetype-definitions
  • Geographical Meta data
  • Loader-performance improvements to ensure performance as Listfortress data grows.
  • Performance-review to see whether the increased traffic requires any changes to keep the site responsive.
  • More work on the bid analysis – including:
    • A percentile-displayed graph on “Bid Analysis”: Ideally I want to be able to show something like “if I bring an i5 and a 13 point bid, in how many percent of my matchups can I expect to move last?”
    • Detailed bid-analysis on the pilot page
  • More work on the upgrade detail, including performance comparison “by slot baseline” (the same way that the pilot detail page compares “by faction baseline”
  • UI-improvements (Color scheme selector, general prettification)
  • List-view
  • Ship-pages (Chassis stats)

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