Update February 28th 2019

Major changes:

  • Basic Bid Analysis added. Select “Bids” in the dropdown to see it. More is to come in this area. (Thanks to Louis Leong for the suggestion and for sparring with me on the feature)
    • Updated “Introduction to Pink Brain Matter” post to reflect this.
  • Legal-list filter added. In order to compensate for extreme outliers in the ListFortress that are essentially typing errors or similar, basic validation has been added. The following will mark a list as “illegal”:
    • List is more than 200 points (8 lists total)
    • List has more than a 30 point bid (7 lists total)
    • List has more than 8 ships
    • List has less than 2 ships

Minor changes:

  • The term “Loadout” is now used to indicate “Pilot+Upgrades” instead of “Layout”. Thanks to FR1 for that suggestion.
    • Updated “Introduction to Pink Brain Matter” post to reflect this.
  • As a consequence of some of the other changes a complete reload of the database has been performed.

Current Backlog:

(In approximate priority)

  1. Upgrade details (When you click an upgrade on the upgrade overview)
  2. More work on the 4 & 5 ships archetype-definitions
  3. Performance-review to see whether the increased traffic requires any changes to keep the site responsive.
  4. More work on the bid analysis – including:
    1. A percentile-displayed graph on “Bid Analysis”: Ideally I want to be able to show something like “if I bring an i5 and a 13 point bid, in how many percent of my matchups can I expect to move last?”
    2. Detailed bid-analysis on the pilot page
  5. UI-improvements (Color scheme selector, general prettification)
  6. Archetype detailed view
  7. List-view
  8. Ship-pages (Chassis stats)

Suggestions for features are very welcome – just reply to this post

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